Comentarios de Huéspedes

We wanted to create this section on our web site in order to publish all kinds of respectful feedback our guest give us, some good, others not so good, overol the criticism and nonconformities that can occur in the provision of our service.

Furthermore we want you to get to know at first hand the good experiences lived by our guests in our facilities..

By our effort to provide each day a better attention, we strive to read and analyze each obsevation our guests give us (constructive or not) trying to be as self-critical as possible and taking very seriously the feedback we get from each comment.

On a daily basis we intend to show ourselves “a diamond in the rough", along wiht people who make mistakes and virtues,we strive to improve day after day the attention to our guests, who are our reason of being….!!

We look foward to all of our guests’ comments...!!!

the team of collaborators Hotel Casa Los Puntales.

DieGoo R

Exelente atencion y ubicacion

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May 18 , 2017

Mathias H. y Trinidad

"Agradecemos muchísimo la ayuda y buena disposición que nos entregaron"

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May 9 , 2017

Sebastan P

Mar del Plata, Argentina

“Sùper recomendable!”

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August 20 , 2016

Verónica Rubio A.


Quiero agradecer la calidad del servicio ofrecido y especialmente la amabilidad...

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August 16 , 2016

Marcello Thadeu Lino

São Paulo, Brasil


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June 2 , 2016


Santiago, Chile

Beautiful boutique hotel

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March 8 , 2016

Daniela Varanda


Muchas gracias a ustedes por la atención y hospitalidad

  • E-mail
March 6 , 2016

Bruno Giovanni y Leticia Cardoso


Agradecemos pela gentileza oferecida...

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February 6 , 2016

Jose Inacio Jardim Motta

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Mi encanto las hospedagen en su Hotel

  • E-mail
February 1 , 2016

Mr. Devin Wilson & Skylar Stetten

United States

Thank you!! It was a lovely stay

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January 23 , 2016